Sea Zone Distribution by Depth - One of the visible water that exists on the surface of the earth is the sea. The sea is a vast water, has salty water and has benefits in the ups and downs. The sea usually has a watercolor that looks blue. On the map, we can see this sea which is depicted in light blue. The vast sea is called the ocean.

According to the depth of the sea is divided into four kinds. Actually, the sea according to its depth is the parts or arena of the sea according to the measured according to the depth of each. The four kinds of sea-based on its depth will be explained as follows:

Litoral Line
The first type of ocean based on its depth is a part of the ocean located on the coast, which lies between tidal rises and also tidal sea.

The Neritic Zone

In addition to the litoral zone, there is also neritic zone. The neritic zone is a shallow sea section with a depth of only about 200 meters.

The Batial Zone
In addition to the litoral zone and the neritic zone, there is a batial zone next. Batial zone is an area that is in the deep sea with a depth ranging from 200 to 2000 meters.

Abisal Zone
In addition to the three zones previously described, then there is the abisal zone. Of all the zones already described, the abisal zone is found in a very deep sea that has a depth of more than 2000 meters.

That is some kind of sea or parts of the sea that is divided according to the depth of the sea itself.

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