19 Mei 2018

The composition of the earth's surface

Tafshare.com - The surface of the earth is basically divided into two different forms. The surface of the earth in the form of land and water. This we can see from the shape of the color of the earth's surface, which consists of blue and white. The dominant blue color on the surface of the earth depicts the water and the rest is the land. Form water can manifold, there is sea, the ocean, lakes, rivers, and puddles other. In addition to the waters of some form of the waters of as a solid the snow and chunk of ice for example, as in the subtropical and pole. Forms of mainland also vary. From this surface of the earth, we will peel it deeper so we better know what exactly the components of the earth surface.
The land of the earth consists of the island. The adjacent islands are grouped into the named continents. They are at least 6 continents on this earth that are the continents of Asia, Afrika, America, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica. Of the six continents, Antarctica is still not basic human habitation because it only consists of ice and has a  very cold temperature. 
Water covers most of the earth surface. Because this is the earth to be a suitable place for living things. Although human lives on land, the fact is that more waters than land. As for the forms of the earth's surface is divided into several forms of the ocean, strait, trough, lake, river, and other puddles. Besides that, there are also poles that water in solids forms.
Because this different place is a living being that leaves it to have different circumstances ranging from it form through one species, its way of life, and it's environmental conditions.
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