23 Mei 2018

This System Can Boost Your Fish Harvest 100-fold: RAS

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Tafshare.com - Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries or usually we call them KKP in Indonesian developed intensive hatchery system recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) as an effort to improve fish farming productivity. Director General of Aquaculture, Slamet Soebjakti, said RAS is an intensive fish cultivation system by using infrastructure that allows continuous water utilization (water recirculation).
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Such as filter physics, biological filter, UV, oxygen generator to control and stabilize the environmental condition of the fish, reduce the amount of water use and increase the survival rate of fish. He said, the basic principle of RAS is to utilize water maintenance media repeatedly by controlling some water quality indicators to stay in top condition.

The advantage of RAS system when compared withthe  conventional system, which is able to produce a much higher productivity, where the density of tilapia spreading can be pushed up reach 5000 tail/m³. While solid stocking in the conventional system only reach 50 tail/m². That is, with the implementation of this RAS system productivity can be boosted up to 100 times compared with conventional system.

Another advantage, according to slamet that cultivation with this system greatly save water use, and can be done on a limited area. In addition, the use of RAS technology will provide an outlet for cultivation fishing challenges such as climate change and environmental quality.
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On the other hand, an effort to increase productivity will be faced with global challenges of climate change and the environmental. Therefore, there needs to be intervention through the application of adaptive technological innovation. The development of cultivation technology increasingly dynamic and must be transmitted massively to the community.
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