22 Mei 2018

Understanding the Sea and Its Grouping

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Tafshare.com -  One of the visible waters that exist on the surface of the earth is the sea. Yes, the sea must have been heard often, or even we often visit the sea to play games, research or even work. This sea is a vast water, has salty water and has tidal benefits in its water. The sea usually has a watercolor that looks blue. On the map, we can see this sea which is depicted in light blue. The vast sea is called the ocean.
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Understanding this sea is a collection of salt water that the number is a very large or extensive and directly related to the ocean. In addition to dealing with the ocean, the sea is also associated with rivers, where the sea is where the reverbed rivers that exist on the surface of the earth. The meeting place of the river with the sea is called the river mouth. At the mouth of this river, there is usually a meeting of salt water with fresh water, this is because the river has a taste of fresh water while the sea has salty water.
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The sea is a vast saltwater. The sea is turned out to not only have one kind of course. The sea turned out to consists of several kinds. Various kinds of this sea can be seen according to some characteristics. In general, the seas are grouped according to five classifications according to their location, by the depth, by extent, by process of occurrence and by their relief.
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