1 Jun 2018

Healthy Fish with Azolla, this Technique of Cultivation

Tafshare.com - Azolla is a plant of ferns that live in the water, these plants can live on the surface of the water. This plant is symbiotic with Anabaena azollae, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) and azolla as its host or home to algae. Algae live under the cavity of azolla leaves.

Azolla as several species, among others Azolla caroliniana, A. filiculoides, A. mexicana, A. microphylla, A. nilotica, A. pinnata var. pinnata, A. pinnata var. imbricata, A. rubra. Azolla is very rich in protein, essential amino acids, vitamins (vitamins A, vitamin B12 and beta carotene), minerals such as calsium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and magenisum. Based on its dry weight, azolla contains 25-35% protein, 10-15% minerals and 7-10% amino acids, bioactive compounds and biopolymers.
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Azolla fat and carbohydrate content is very low. Its nutritional composition makes Azolla very efficient and effective as a fish and livestock feed. Fish and livestock can easily digest it, because of its high protein content and low lignin.

Aquaculture Azolla microphylla:
Preparation of Azolla Farming Containers
-Shallow ponds with soil, cement or tarpaulins, the more widely the number of Azollas that can be cultivated
- Fill the manure with the ground ratio of 50:50 as thick as 5cm
-Add SP36 fertilizer with a dose of 6.5 g/m
-Fill the pool with water with a height of about 3cm

Seeding of Azolla Seeds:
-Sprinkle azolla seeds with a dose of 50-70 g/m2
-Leave for 2 weeks or more by keeping the water level
-For optimal Azolla growth, apply BIOCATFISH probiotics 50ml/m2 regularly every 2 days
-Wait for 2 weeks or more by keeping the water level
-Harvest when azolla is visible accumulate and thicken to cover the surface of the pond. Azolla can be harvested 1-2 weeks or as needed

Very easy is not it?, now you can try it at home and congratulations to experiment
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