3 Jun 2018

SUCCESS Spawning up the Discus Fish, This Is How

Tafshare.com - Discus fish is a type of fish that when spawning is always with their children to a certain size. Discus fish larvae will always follow the mother when they have just hatched. Discus fish is an introduced ornamental fish species originally import from the Amazon river (Brazil) and is now widely in Indonesia. Discus name is caused by a body shape similar to the disk plate that stands upright.

The body shape of this fish is flat round with the basic color of reddish brown, choppy lines and varigated irregular from the forehead to the side of the abdomen. Red discus fish eyes and body diameter of 15 cm. Discus fish are known to be disruptive, tend to be alone or clustered with similar fish.

The most fundamental thing in cultivation is coosing good and quality breeders. How to cultivate this fish since shildhood. Because after the age of 12-18 months, this fish will choose their own partner. This discus fish pair that we take and moved for further spawning.

Preparation of Spawning Containers
Aquarium: 75x35x35
Temperature: 28-30c
Number of eggs: 50-350 grain
pH: 5-6,5
- Water filled with a depth of 25 cm and then input the leavess ketapang as much as 1 sheet and 1 tablespoon of non iodine salt
- Let stand for days

How to Choose a Discus Fish Parent?
- Discus fish can breed at an optimal pH of 6,2 or slightly acid

- Discus fish are fish that choose their own partner

- Place some discus fish in one aquarium so that the breed can choose their own partner, then look at some discus fish that always swim together

- Separate discus fish pairs from other fish

- For one aquarium you should place 4 discus fish with a ratio of 1:1

How to Spawn Discus Fish?
- Insert the discus master pairs into the aquarium

- Do not forget to give Aerasi (filter)

- Place a paralon or pot in the aquarium to paste the egg

- A good egg will hatch after 60 hours

- After the egg hatches, hold the larvae then move to a safe and clean place with the mother. The larval shelter can use a sieve or bottle

- After 3-4 days the discus larvae can already swim and begin to cling to the mother while sucking the mucus that is on the body of the mother as the main food

- Discus after a week old can only be fed with water lice or artemia larvae

How to Enlarge Discus Fish?
- Transfer the old one-month discus pupil from its mother to a 100x50x35 cm aquarium. After the big move the disc into te larger aquarium again

- In order to look good, the discus sould be placed in standard aquarium (50x50x40cm parent and till disk 50x100x35

- To keep the discus alive, providenatural food such as daphnia, silk worms, super worms, mosquito larvae and the like. Discus also likes to consume artificial feed mixture of heart, liver, meat, srimp, fish and vegetables.

Preferably, discus fish cultivation is done in groups. This group cultivation is more effective and efficient. Group cultivation also facilitates the marketing and distribution process
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